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B-Guest is a Digital Marketing SaaS Platform that allows for any hotel to communicate with its guests prior, during and after their stay, through a variety of channels, by means of an automated and intelligent algorithm.The hotel defines the best moments to communicate with each guest, using a set of pre-defined or customized campaigns. The selected guests will then start receiving the campaigns through e-mail, SMS, push notifications and Facebook Messenger, and can interact with the hotel using a native app, Web app or a Messenger tool, such as Facebook. All campaigns have one of two goals, either up-sell the hotel’s products and services or simply inform guests about them. While the former has a direct impact on revenues, the latter helps the hotel achieve a better score on rating channels such as TripAdvisor or, with an expected positive impact on nights sold.On the other hand, guests can easily access all the services the hotel has to offer (e.g. check-in, restaurant, SPA, local partners, check-out) via app (iOS / Android), Web app (Website) and Facebook Messenger, and request them using their mobile devices anytime, anywhere (onsite and offsite), in their preferred language and without having to wait.




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